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Blog Intro And Fall Bulb Planting On The Farm

Welcome to the first Otter Bend Farm blog post! This post is the start of an early New Year's resolution with a smidge of fall planting catch-up. I'm Andrea, and my resolution is to share the Otter Bend Farm activity with you each month. A mix of the good, dirty, pretty, muddy, and the many things that don't go as planned. Lynn will be joining in....I think....but somehow, he disappeared at the mention of the word blog.

It’s already December, and you may be thinking the gardening season has passed until next year. Farm activity has slowed, but Altavista is in growing zone 7a, which means I have a little more time to plant bulbs for spring blooms. Each year I have the best intentions to plant bulbs over the weekend after Thanksgiving, and every year it doesn't happen. Then the calendar starts filling up for the weeks leading up to Christmas and year-end. Sounds like a lot to fit in, but I look forward to quiet time outside in the beds enjoying crisp fall mornings followed by the warming sun.

Usually, I plant bulbs in the ground, but this year I planted raised beds to give my back a break from bending to place them in trenches. It reduced bending, and I was pleasantly surprised to find the whole process was much faster.

I have to be careful not to wait too late because some bulbs need a certain amount of time at cooler temperatures. If they don’t get that full amount of time, they can be short or may only have leaves but no bloom. Thank goodness for the internet. A quick search helps me decide which to buy when I’ve wandered away from my to-do list and find myself standing in front of a bulb display at the store. Anyone else guilty of this?!

If you’re like me and can’t resist just a few more bulbs, grab them and get planting. Then comes the hard part, patiently waiting for them to pop through the soil in a few months.

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