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Lisianthus Bunches

Lisianthus Bunches


Lisiaanthus bunches include 8 stems. Each stem features multiple blooms/buds.


Available in assorted colors including purple, rose pink, yellow, and blush. Yellow and blush are double flowered. Purple is available in single and double flowered. Rose pink is a single flowered bloom.

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  • Caring for Lisiathus

    Good care can help lisiathus last longer.

    • Avoid direct sunlight and high temperatures
    • Change the water and rinse the vase out every 2-3 days
    • Remove any leaves that will be in the water in the vase
    • Snip the stems each time you change the water to allow for better water uptake
    • Pinch off blooms as they age and other buds on the stem may open.
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